2017-3-25-CoffeHennaShootMy name is Joanna Russell and I add beauty and meaning to people’s lives through henna tattoos. I am easily mesmerized by the beauty of an elegant design, but what makes me truly unique is my henna process. I am a Registered Aromatherapist and the henna paste I use is mixed myself using organic henna powder, organic sugar, water, and a combination of essential oils that not only produces a dark henna stain but that smells good and is safe for the skin.

My services are catered around your schedule, so if you’d like a meaningful tattoo designed just for you, I am pleased to offer Coffee Shop Henna. Spend half an hour getting a beautiful tattoo on one or both of your hands, all while sipping coffee with me at a local coffee shop. Or if you’d like to book henna services for your party, please email me at joanna@kingdomhenna.com. You can also browse through the meaningful designs, or “Henna Stories” that I have created by going to my Henna Story Designs page.