Henna Kit Series

Henna Kit Series: Filling the Henna Cones

How to fill the henna cones

In this episode of the Henna Kit series, I will tell you how to check your paste for dye release and then how to fill your henna cones with the paste. Quite an informative video at the bottom of this entry, I recommend watching that to see exactly how I do it! But here is a quick rundown.

1. Check the paste for dye release

So your paste has been sitting for 4-6 hours. To determine whether it’s ready, you’ll need to test for dye release. The Henna Kit Instructions tell you to do this as follows:

Test to see if dye release has happened by putting a small bit of henna on your palm. Leave it on for 5 minutes and then wipe off. If your skin is orange, then the paste is ready! If not, then let the paste sit for another hour and check again.

Checking for henna dye release bright orange Kingdom Henna Boise

2. Thin the paste to the perfect consistency

Thin the paste with small amounts of water to your desired consistency. Your paste should be silky smooth and able to fall from your spoon when tipped.

Consistency is an important part of mixing your paste. Henna artists can prefer different consistencies depending on what they like. Henna that is too wet can melt on your skin and look messy, henna that is too dry can make it hard for you to make smooth lines, as well as causing fatigue in your thumb from having to push so hard on the cone to get the paste out.

Take a look at the video at the end of this blog to see what consistency I prefer.

3. Fill the carrot bag with the paste

Put the carrot bag inside a sturdy cup, opening it up around the cup’s edge.

Put the henna paste into the lined cup.

Remove the carrot bag filled with henna paste from the cup and clip the pointed end with scissors so the opening is about as big as a pencil.

Once again, the video at the end will help show you how this is done. Putting the paste into the carrot bag is necessary if you want to fill the henna cones without a huge mess!

4. Fill the cones using the carrot bag

Insert the carrot bag into each henna cone and squeeze until the cone is filled 2/3 of the way. Don’t overfill!

To close the cone, fold one side of the top in and then the other, then fold the top down. Secure with tape.

I fill all of the cones first before taping each one. After you fill one of the cones, lay it on the table and move on to the next cone. Then tape all of them at the same time.

Filled Henna Cones Kingdom Henna Boise

Video of How to Fill the Henna Cones