Henna Kit Series

Henna Kit Series: What’s in the Kit?

Henna Kit Kingdom Henna Boise Idaho

What comes in Kingdom Henna’s henna kit?

Welcome to Part 1 of my 4 Part Henna Kit Series, and I’m glad you asked! There’s several ways you can use this post – scroll through to see the list and pictures of items in the henna kit, or scroll down to the bottom and watch the video. Or, do both! I provide a more thorough explanation of everything in this blog post, and in the video I take you through each item in the kit with a brief description of each.

Henna Kit Contents Kingdom Henna Boise Idaho

Henna Powder and Sugar Mix

Henna Kit Henna Powder and Sugar Kingdom Henna Boise Idaho

I use Mohana or Jamila henna powders in the kits. Henna is a green plant that grows in hot climates, and henna powder is made from dried henna leaves by just grinding it into a powder. There is one quality that is used to describe henna powders – its level of stringiness. It is up to the henna artist what kind they like to work with, but generally speaking, very stringy henna makes it very easy for you to make lines but is usually more difficult to work with. Non-stringy (or smooth) henna makes it very easy for you to make dots, and this type is usually easier for beginners. Mohana and Jamila henna are both smooth and non-stringy henna powders!

I add sugar to the henna powder in the kits. Why? Sugar helps the paste stay moist while its on your skin, it prevents drying and cracking, and it acts like a glue that keeps the paste on the skin. The amount of sugar you use is dependent on the humidity. If you are in a very humid area, you will not want a lot of sugar in your paste. A very dry area (like Boise!), you will need more. Add too much, and the paste will melt after you apply it. Add too little, and it will crack too soon. In my opinion it is better to have less than to have too much. I’ve added 1 1/2 tsp of sugar to each batch of powder. This is a good amount for this area (Treasure Valley – Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Mountain Home, etc).

Lavender Essential Oil

Henna Kit Essential Oil Kingdom Henna Boise Idaho

Essential oils are added to the paste because the essential oil helps to draw out the dye from the henna plant. I use lavender in the kits because its particular chemical makeup is just what you need for henna, and because it’s a gentle oil that is safe for pregnancy.

If this topic interests you and you want to learn more science-y stuff about it, then check out my blog post about why I add essential oils to my paste!

5 hand-rolled cones

Henna Kit Cellophane Cones Kingdom Henna Boise Idaho

I hand-roll the cones in the henna kits just like I roll them for myself. I use a cellophane rectangle, tape, and pins. The pin is inserted into the tip of the henna cone as I’m rolling it so that the cone opening is uniform and consistent. I prefer this to cutting the tip (although if you want a bigger opening, feel free to cut it bigger!) When you cut something that is round, it will always end up with two sides that are slightly pointed.

I remove the pins before I package the cones into the henna kit box. For myself I usually leave the pins in until right before I use the cones, but for the kit, I remove them.

Carrot bag

Henna Kit Carrot Bag Kingdom Henna Boise Idaho

Another name for this would be a piping bag, typically used in cake decorating. This is an important part of being able to fill your cones. The paste goes into the carrot bag, and then is more easily added to the cones.+

Instruction Booklet

Henna Kit Instruction Booklet Kingdom Henna Boise Idaho

You’ll need to know how to do everything, so the kit also comes with an instruction booklet that tells you how to mix the paste and fill the cones. If you need additional guidance on how to do this, that is what this blog series is for! I’ll have videos coming up in the next few weeks on how to mix the paste, test for dye release, and fill the cones. Stay tuned!

Sample Henna Designs

Sample Hand Henna Designs Henna Kit Instructions Kingdom Henna Boise Idaho

Also included in the instruction booklet are a few henna designs that you can practice. Coming up in the next few weeks I will be adding  videos that will help you jump into practicing and guide you through how to do some of these designs.

Video – What’s in the henna kit?

Are you ready for the video?


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