Bridal Henna

Receive a beautiful and unique henna design on your hands and/or feet for your big day. Bridal henna can be as extensive or as simple as you’d like. You may also want your soon-to-be-husband’s name worked into the design somewhere. A free 30 minute consultation is needed before booking so we can discuss design preference and placement of your henna tattoo.

Prices are based on the hourly rate of $80 per hour, plus any travel fees outside of Boise. A typical double-palm design like the one pictured will take 2 hours to apply. Henna application takes place 2 days before the wedding so that your henna stain will be as dark as it can be when your big day arrives. Aftercare instructions are also provided so you can be sure to get the best stain results.

Email me at to set up your consultation!