Pregnancy Henna

Celebrate your pregnancy with a beautiful henna design on your belly! My henna paste is all natural, mixed by myself and using only essential oils that are safe to use while pregnant. Your comfort is important, so stay right where you are, I will come to you!

Pregnancy henna is $100 for a session, plus any travel fees outside of Boise.

Be sure to check with your midwife or doctor before booking your appointment!

If you want pregnancy henna for a maternity photo shoot, great! Let me know when your photo shoot is and we will make sure the henna is applied two days before your shoot. This will give the henna stain time to develop to its richest color. The skin on the belly is thinner than other parts of the body, but the stain should still develop to a nice brown/red color. Aftercare instructions will also be provided so you know how long to keep the paste on, how to take it off, and how to help the stain develop. After the paste dries on the skin I apply flexible medical tape over it so that you can wear clothes over it without having to worry.

Email me at to book your appointment!