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Henna Story: Prepare a Table

Psalm 23:5 - Henna Story Code Orange Revival Louie Giglio Prepare a TablePsalm 23:5 – You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.

Taking Notes

I don’t always take notes when I listen to a sermon, but sometimes the message is something so relevant that I find I really want to record it. There is something about writing notes that helps me solidify ideas. I took it one step further this time and illustrated the sermon with a henna tattoo. This is how I really burn something into my brain, and it may just be why I do this in the first place.

Prepare a table henna design up close

Code Orange Revival

This particular sermon was one I listened to online, it was a series of talks from various speakers at the Code Orange Revival at Elevation Church in North Carolina about a month ago. There is a certain time each week that I listen to sermons or talks like this on my phone, and that is every Thursday morning while I clean the bathroom. I have done this for 2 years now, to the point that whenever I smell my bathroom cleaner I think of Christine Caine and I flash back to the hours I’ve spent on the bathroom floor scrubbing the toilet while hearing her tell her story of being born unnamed and unwanted.

When I found out that both Christine Caine and Joyce Meyer were going to be speaking at this revival, I knew it would be worth listening to. I listened to Christine Caine’s talk first, but this particular henna design actually illustrates the talk that Louie Giglio gave. There came that point while he was speaking where I jumped up out of my chair and bolted to my notebook.

I would highly recommend listening to his talk, as I won’t explain everything here, but I do a small gathering of his ideas.

Prepare a Table

He talked about Psalm 23, where it says “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.”

It’s not a table in the absence of my enemies, because he provides food for us in the middle of the fight. He wants us to watch as he sustains us and strengthens, and provides for us. And what IS this food he talks about that will sustain and strengthen us?

  1. Jesus
  2. His Word
  3. His will

We sit down at the table, lock eyes with Jesus and say “Thank you for providing for me everything I need mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically in the middle of the fight.” You should probably also ask him to open your eyes. You see the enemies surrounding you, but do you see what it is that’s surrounding your enemies?

Prepare a table full henna design

A Seat for the Enemy

While at the table there is a chance that you have given a seat to the enemy and that he is dining with you, feeding you lies while munching your carrots and hummus. There are three tell-tale signs that this is the case. If you are hearing any of these three things, you may have the enemy dining with you:

  1. “You are never going to make it through this.” Look around, there’s no chance! It’s not going to change, it will never be different. Don’t get your hopes up again, don’t buy into it again, it’s not going to change, you’re not going to survive it.
  2. “You aren’t good enough”, or You’ve never been good enough. You aren’t strong enough, you are insignificant and you don’t matter.
  3. Everybody is against you! No one likes you, everyone just tolerates you.
Download the PDF of this design here!


Prepare a table henna design

For a better explanation than I could ever give, I highly recommend you watch the video of his talk: