Kids Fun Fest – April 29th 2017

Kids Fun Fest is coming to Boise at Expo Idaho on April 29, 2017. I will be there applying henna to your sweet kids. The whole day will be packed full of entertainment and interactive fun zones for all ages.

Yes, it will be packed full, so when you get a bit tired on your feet, send your husband off with the kids to the reptile exhibit and come enjoy a beautiful henna tattoo yourself. For the next week you’ll get to enjoy looking at your beautiful hand, even if the big pile of laundry is the only thing to show the artwork to. In my experience, having beautiful henna empowers me to fold  huge piles of laundry extra good. It never knows what’s coming.

Kingdom Henna Boise Joanna Russell

You got this!

You can find the official Kids Fun Fest Facebook Event here. And you can receive $1 off the price of admission by clicking here!

See you there!