How to Make your Party Unforgettable With Henna

So you’ve decided you want to add henna to your event or party. Congratulations! You’re going to have a ton of fun. You’ll find below a few tips to help make your party unforgettable.

Have other activities for your guests

While people are waiting to get their henna, give them something else to do! This reduces the amount of time people are actively waiting to get their tattoo. Some people choose to combine henna tattoos with an essential oil class, or some other informational meeting or get together, or as an addition to a holiday or work party. This is a great idea. Here are a few other things you can offer:

  • Snacks or a meal
  • Crafts
  • Lula Roe pop-up boutique
  • Make essential oil roller bottles
  • Board games
  • Facials, foot baths, or other spa experiences

Keep your henna artist busy

Make sure your henna artist is always busy. If you’re paying by the hour, then get as much from this as you can! You can have a sign up sheet and go in order, or draw from a hat after each person is done, or just let it happen organically, whatever the mood of the party dictates. Just be sure to keep an eye on things to try to minimize time gaps.

How many tattoos can you expect per hour?

This varies by henna artist. You can expect from me 6 medium henna tattoos per hour. If you are throwing a child’s birthday party you can get away with only offering small tattoos, which bumps this number up to 12. I provide binders for guests to look through that either contain small or medium tattoos, or a combination of both.

What is a medium and small tattoo?

Here’s an example of small tattoos:

Small henna tattoo at event henna boise Kingdom Henna

And every tattoo in this picture would be considered medium:

Medium tattoos at henna party event Kingdom Henna


Maximize on the relaxing effects of henna

Place your henna artist off to the side, at a table away from the crowd. Receiving a henna tattoo is relaxing, not only because you have to be still, but because of the calming lavender oil that you will be able to smell from the paste. Even if you don’t want to maximize on the relaxation effect, it is usually a good idea to place your henna artist away from the main activity and crowd. 

Offer meaningful tattoos

One option is to offer meaningful henna tattoos to your guests. Before the party, have everyone share with you one word or phrase or verse that means a lot to them. Pass this on to your henna artist and have her come up with a design for each. After your party, each of your guests will have a 7-10 day tattoo on their hand or arm that reminds them of something meaningful to them. This option will usually cost a little extra!

Play some music

Background music fills in the gaps at parties! If someone is teaching or talking, then wait until the mingling part of your event before switching the music on.

Book your party now!

If you are ready to book henna for your party, you can email me at to set the date. For more information on pricing you can visit the Events and Parties page.

Kingdom Henna is located in Boise, ID and offers all natural henna tattoos for every occasion.