Henna Kit Series

Henna Kit Series: Get Started Practicing

How to Get Started Practicing Henna

In this episode of the Henna Kit series, I’ll be sharing some tips with you on how to get started practicing henna. You’ve already got the paste made and the cones filled, now you can start making designs! In the video at the end of this post, I take you through the 3 important design elements and then I show you how to do a few of the designs found in the Kingdom Henna henna kit instruction booklet.

How to Hold your Henna Cone

Hold your henna cone like you do a pencil. Then you will be applying pressure to the cone using your thumb. The pressure is what pushes the paste out of the tip of the cone.

3 Important Design Elements

There are a few design elements you need to know how to do in order to create a henna design. The line, the dot, and the line with varied thickness.

The Line

Straight lines, curvy lines, and circles. You make a line by holding the tip of the cone slightly above the paper and then pressing with your thumb using constant pressure as your move your hand along the paper. You can practice straight lines, and curved lines, swirls, and circles.

practicing henna lines Kingdom Henna Boise

The Dot

Dots are the next element to practice. Again, hold your cone slightly above the paper. Push with your thumb and keep the cone in place. Wait until you’re done pushing with your thumb before you lift your hand away from the paper. If you pull up too soon then you’ll end up with a bunch of hershey kisses. This makes no difference in what the stain will look like, but it does affect the look of the design while it’s on the skin. I prefer the nicely rounded dots.

practicing henna dots Kingdom Henna Boise

The Line with Varied Thickness

Varying the thickness of lines throughout your design will give your design character. For example, I can make a simple flower using the same thickness of lines, which looks great, but when I make the same flower with the lines thicker in some places, it gives the design some depth and personality.

Line Thickness Kingdom Henna Boise

You can vary the thickness of the line by applying more pressure with your thumb. Apply more pressure when you want the line to be thicker. You can practice this technique by doing tear drops as well as the flowers above.

practicing henna teardrop Kingdom Henna Boise

Video of How to Start Practicing Henna

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